Programming Font: Droid Sans Mono

I have to admit that I like fonts. I’m one of those oddballs who knows about serifs and x-heights and descenders and kerning and autoligatures and all those sorts of things. I’ve never designed my own font, but I know what I like, and since I spent a lot of time coding and staring at terminals, I definitely know what I like to use for those purposes. Over the years I’ve had different font preferences, and I’d like to periodically post about some that I like now or used to like.

The first one on my list is what I use for my iTerm2 window: Droid Sans Mono.

Droid Sans Mono specimen

Droid Sans Mono specimen from

It doesn’t have as many sharp corners as other popular monospaced fonts, and the letter spacing is also much bigger, which helps keep commands from running together at the prompt. The lowercase letters are nice and big compared to the capital letters (that is, the font has a nice, big x-height), which makes for easier reading at smaller sizes (which I avoid anyway, my vision is bad enough already.)


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